From hidden champions to global players, my clients come from the world of technology and industry, above all in the following sectors:

  • Automotive engineering (particularly aftermarket, OEM, tier 1 and tier 2 suppliers)
  • Mechanical engineering and manufacturing technology
  • HVAC and building services technology
  • Logistics and warehouse systems


Below are some examples of the types of text I regularly translate:


Technical documentation:

  • Manuals and instructions for assembly, installation, operation and repair
  • Product data sheets
  • Online catalogues
  • Training material
  • White papers and case studies
  • Software guides

PR and corporate communication:

  • Employee and customer magazines
  • Press releases
  • Corporate blog posts
  • Management and communication training material
  • Company image brochures
  • Video voiceover texts


  • Adverts and advertising copy (see transcreation)
  • Market research
  • Sales and market analyses
  • Training documents for sales staff
  • Employer branding
  • Trade fair documentation


Translation of advertising copy such as slogans or adverts requires a great deal of creativity, as they must often be adapted or rewritten completely for linguistic and cultural reasons. To get advertising and marketing copy that will be a hit with your target market, I need detailed information on target customers, medium, the product or service and other details. Drop me a line and we'll talk about your project.


Do you have an English-language document that has been translated and needs an extra pair of expert eyes? I provide proofreading and editing services at an hourly rate, depending on the difficulty of the text and the amount of correction work required.

What I don’t do

As a professional, I only accept work where I am 100% confident that I can do a great job. Below are some examples of where you are better looking for someone else.

  • I work on the native-speaker principle, meaning that I do not translate into German.
  • I am not an interpreter. Translation and interpreting are two entirely different jobs requiring entirely different skills sets. This means I cannot come and “translate” at your business meeting, trade show, wedding, etc.
  • I do not translate legal, financial or medical documents, as I do not have the relevant subject knowledge.
  • I do not translate certificates or personal documents.
  • I do not post-edit machine-translated output

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